go on, it won't bite
Here's my résumé if you're into that kind of stuff ;)
My blog if you'd care to read what I have to write (gee, thanks!)
And here's the onion version [What's this?] of this site if you really want to be anonymous on the internet. I care about your privacy :)

About Me

I am Aadi Bajpai. You probably know that like thrice by now.
I love learning about the cosmos and reading books.
I also like the thrill of seeing other people use something I made.
Programming is one of the tools I use, design is another and so is writing.
I want to do something that combines all of that so it's a win-win.
I'll try.

I'm also into quizzing, debates and Model UN. Solving crosswords is quite fun too.
I also keep up with the kardashians latest developments in the world, and am curious about a lot of other things.
That curiosity has come in handy in the aforementioned activities but most importantly while watching Jeopardy!

I usually go by my own name in other places but sometimes I also use the username clash,
or clever variations of it such as clasherintherye, clashmeifyoucan, clashmeousside.
I'm especially proud of coming up with sendclash (PayPal).