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Posted on 08 Jul 2019 by Aadi Bajpai

Last updated 12 Jul 2019 at 9:32 pm
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This is a test blog post.

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I love this blog because it has a very retro feel that's quite different from my website's homepage.

And it is pretty formal as well, which is how I see myself writing.

Thanks for visiting, I'd love feedback/critique.

How To Google Code-in

Posted on 12 Jul 2019 by Aadi Bajpai

Last updated 15 Jul 2019 at 12:25 am

I originally wrote this way back in early 2018 but it's still valid today.

If you read this in time for Code-in 2019 and are aged between 13 to 17, you might be in luck, for this post might just help you out. It would’ve made it easier for me too, if this existed before I won. I list some pro tips that I feel would be useful in order to fully experience GCI.

The aim of the contest is to simply encourage young developers to get started with open-source. Interestingly, unlike other contests, not everyone participates in GCI to truly win. Yes, I hear you, the Grand Prize is an all expenses paid 4 days trip to fucking Googleplex and here you see me saying some people don’t really concentrate on that. It is true though, a participant can approach Code-in two ways-

  1. Quickly complete 3 noob tasks (including 2 beginner tasks) which guarantees you a Google Code-in t-shirt and call it quits. It’s that simple, you could do that in just a day.

  2. Work constantly through the 7 weeks and go all in hoping for the big prize.

Unsurprisingly, most people go with the first option. Google Code-in 2017 had 3555 students who completed 16468 tasks. That averages to a bit over 4 tasks per student. (I did 21 - and that’s just the tasks I could claim)

Let’s say you don’t want to settle for a t-shirt and are willing to focus on GCI neglecting sleep/studies/social life/whatever. In that case, read on, we’re jumping to the meat of it now. (I’m presuming you know the basics about the contest.)

You need to understand there’s no specific skill set that will help you win GCI, there’s no sure bet that being very proficient in insert language will make sure you win. That’s not how it works, which brings us to the first pro tip-

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